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Updated: 03 Feb 2000

What aftermarket parts are available for the 'Cats? What do I need?
The 'Cats are well designed guns that are playable straight out of the box, with a little tuning. You won't need anything to have fun with one.

If you would like to customize your gun, there are parts available. The most common replacements are barrels and grips, explained below. You can also add a sight rail, double trigger, remote, bottom line, or even HPA. It's just a matter of finding the parts that fit the 'Cats. Most accessories are universal, and we'll try to list the exceptions here.

Who makes barrels for the 'Cats? Which one is best?
First of all, all ICD barrels are interchangeable between all ICD guns. That means that a Lapco AutoSpirit for an Alley Cat will fit a Desert Fox, and a stock ACII barrel will fit a Bushmaster 2000. If you see barrels advertised for ANY ICD gun, they should fit YOUR ICD gun.
Smart Parts, Armson, J&J and Lapco and probably others make direct-fit barrels for the 'Cats. Lapco also makes an adapter to attach Spyder barrels to ICD 'guns. With the gaining popularity of the Bushmaster 2000 ICD barrels should be more common in the near future.
pRCarter has a nice, although somewhat incomplete, summary of the available ICD barrels.
How do I put a double trigger on my 'Cat?ICD's Brass Trigger Shoe
This is a mod that can be special ordered with the gun, added by the factory, or done after-market.
If you want to do it yourself you can get a double shoe for $15-$20 from ICD, Pro-Line, or 32 Degrees. I would recommend bringing your marker to a store to check the fit of the shoe, especially the retaining pin or screw. There are at least two different sizes of trigger mouting holes, and getting the right one saves a lot of hassle.

On a Thunder Cat or Alley Cat you will only need to cut the trigger guard where it meets the grip frame, or replace the trigger frame with one made for a TC LT. The LT frame is machined without a guard to begin with, so either way you'll end up without a trigger guard. On a Bobcat or Puma, the only choice is to cut the guard off at the top and bottom. You can then remove the single shoe and attach the double shoe.
A Dremel or similar tool with a heavy duty cut-off wheel can easily cut the stock guard off. If done carefully, it can be done without disassembling the gun. Just be sure to grind and polish any sharp edges where the cut is made.

Can I put a bottom-line on the Euro grip?
The Euro grip is the same grip that is used by many other companies such ATS on their TS-1/AT85R. There are kits available to mount a bottom-line or DF cradle to this grip, but they may not be easy to find. I know that Skan-Line usually carries them, under "Paintball: Grip Mounting Devices. They are referred to as "Grip Blocks." ACI Also makes a bolt-on bottom-line for the Euro grip. It should be available from most ACI resellers.
What 45 grip frames will fit the 'Cats?ICD's Magnum 45 Grip
Any 45 frame that attaches with the single lug like the Euro Grip should fit a 'Cat. ICD makes a frame, and most Spyder frames will fit. Personally, I would recommend the Indian Creek 45/68 frame. It's well made, fits the 'gun perfectly, and has the more common inline bottom-line mounting holes. Most Spyder frames have offset mounting holes, limiting you to bottom-lines made just for Spyders.
I bought a set of Pachmayr grip panels for my 'Cat w/ the Indian Creek 45 frame and they don't fit.
The Pachmayr grips are made for Colt handguns, and don't fit perfectly. You'll have to get a REAL sharp knife and cut about 1/8" off of the top of the right grip panel. The left panel should already fit due to the thumb safety on some handguns.
The ICD sight rail doesn't fit my 'Cat.
For no adequately explained reason, the ICD rails don't fit the 3/8" dovetail on most guns. Our theory is that the piece is machined to the proper dimentions, and then hard anodized. The anodizing process adds enough material to prevent the rail from fitting. The best thing to do is use a small file on the rail (not the dovetail on the gun) until it fits.
What is the ICD sight rail for?Standard ICD Sight Rail
The ICD sight rail mounts to the existing 3/8" dovetail block on the top of the ICD markers. It's intended purpose is to allow one to sight over the power feed which otherwise blocks the view. It has another dovetail on it's top to allow mounting a sight or scope ~1.5" off the top of the gun.

The added effect is that, once mounted properly, the sight rail can also be used as a carrying/hanging handle for the gun. However, don't blame us if it comes right off and something breaks when the gun hits the ground.

Do I need a motorized loader (eg VL2000) for a 'Cat?
Probably not. The power feed does a good job of keeping the balls fed constantly. The movement of the gun with each shot should also shake any stuck rounds loose. It is rare for someone to have any real feed problems on a 'Cat.

If you've done a lot of mod work on your gun, such as a trigger job, hammer/sear polish, and double trigger, you may get a high enough ROF to cause problems. In that case a motorized loader should help. If you've done that much work, you probably already have a powered loader.

What OEM parts are available and how much are they?
Paintball CyberMall carries the complete line of OEM parts, but their prices seem a little out of date. Recently more retailers are selling rebuild and spring kits for the ICD guns. I'll try to make a list of what is in each.
Here is a list of parts from an ACII:
Item # Nomenclature Price ea (US$)
RD63388Valve Seal1.00
R935009Bolt Tip17.10
R935013Center Bushing3.20
ROR018TFEAS568-018 Teflon ORNG1.20
R935071Main Spring2.00
R964024Trigger TC&AC18.40

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