Here you should find information on how to keep an AMC Eagle running and maybe even make it better. Good Luck.

Technical Service Manual Diagrams

These were scanned directly from the TSM at 300dpi, 2 bit(line art). They will look great printed out on a 300dpi laser printer.





Part numbers for stuff I've replaced on my Eagle

AC Idler Pulley ('83 258 w/ AC, V-Belts, no AIR pump)
Auto Palace/Auto Zone #43378
Clutch Kit ('83 Wagon, 258, 5sp)
Napa #NCP-1890
Engine Components ('82-'83 258ci)
Fuel Pump
Napa #M6737
Timing Set ('82)
Napa #10-3053
Water Pump ('82)
Napa #W124
Power Window Cables
Chrysler #J8132881
Radiator Cap ('83 Wagon, 258)
Stant #11329
Rear Spring/Axle U-Bolts ('83 Wagon, 258, 5sp)
MotorMite HELP! #35602
Reverse (Back-Up) Light Switch (BW T5 Manual)
Chrysler #J8134068
Transfer Case (New Process 119)
Output Shaft Bearing-Rear
Chrysler #J8130807
Output Yoke Nut-Rear
Chrysler #J8130816
Output Yoke Seal-Rear
Chrysler #J3502508
Speedometer Adapter O-Ring
Chrysler #J8136628
Transmission Mount ('83 Wagon, 258, 5sp)
Chrysler #J3238013
Throttle (Accelerator) Cable ('83 Wagon, 258, 4sp)
Napa #610-1331
ATP Y153
Wheel Bearings-Front ('83 Wagon, 258)
Wheel Bearing Oil(Grease) Seal ('83 Wagon, 258)
NAT 3942
Wheel Hub-Rear
Chrysler #J3231667

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